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The Catalyst for Legal Industry Transformation

Elevate Your Practice with Proven Strategies in Automation, AI, and Client Engagement from a World-Renowned Entrepreneur, Coach, and Speaker.

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Jesse is the CEO and Founder of ScaleLegal, a legal industry client experience and marketing advisory.

Having coached more than 100 law firm owners with Law Firm Mentor, Jesse has helped Law Firm grow and scale. 

"In an industry that's evolving at lightning speed, law firms are struggling to keep up. The traditional methods are drowning them in inefficiency, leaving clients unsatisfied and opportunities missed." - Jesse J. Frye

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Entreprenuer & CEO

As the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of ScaleLegal, Jesse J. Frye is transforming the legal landscape. Our groundbreaking approach makes high-level client experience (CX) and marketing accessible and affordable to any law firm. Through the strategic advisory model and memberships,  we give solo attorneys and small law firm, we're not just leveling the playing field; we're creating new rules for the game.

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Legal Industry Business Coach

As a Law Firm Mentor business coach, he has coached more than 100 small and medium law firms in various practice areas including Family Law, Business, Criminal, Immigration, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Land Use, Estate Planning and More. Jesse completed ICF certified business, organization development & executive coaching training and has over 3000 hours of coaching experience. Jesse helps his clients redfine what next level looks like. 

LawFirm Mentor

Speaker & Advisor

Need a speaker who's not just "in the know" but "creating the know"? Jesse J. Frye stands at the forefront of emerging technology and their seismic impact on the legal industry. His speeches are more than just talks; they're revelations, unveiling how emerging technologies can revolutionize the law firm. Jesse's advisory services are the compass for law firms of all sizes, guiding them to uncharted territories of productivity and profitability.

Advisory Services

Who is my ideal client and how I help them achieve results?

In the legal landscape, diversity is the norm rather than the exception. My speaking engagements and advisory services are specifically tailored for small to medium-sized law firms looking to scale their services and modernize their client experiences. By partnering with me, your firm gains insights into leveraging automation, AI, and enhanced client experiences to meet the unique client needs and business objectives. I promise to provide actionable strategies that empower your firm and teams to innovate, scale, and achieve unparalleled client satisfaction.

Law Firms

By embracing advanced client experience (CX) and marketing strategies, law firms can not only retain their existing client base but also foster increased loyalty. This modern approach can significantly boost the likelihood of receiving more referrals.


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"From Start to Finish: Optimizing your Customer Experience (CX) for Your Business" is a comprehensive eBook that covers common CX red flags, focus areas for resolution, personalization, trust-building, connection, and friction reduction, as well as 10 actionable CX strategies to help enhance your customer experience and build lasting relationships with your customers.

  • Inside: Common Customer Experience (CX) Redflags

  • Inside:10 Actionable Customer Experience (CX) Strategies

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In-Person Workshops

Jesse facilitates powerful hands-on workshops that help you identify the gaps in your client journey, uncover lost revenue opportunities and 2-10x your revenue. The focus will be how to utilize emerging technologies, such as Ai and automation to build highly effective and engaging client experiences. Our goal is to help you identify your current, end-to-end, client journey and map solutions that will optimize and enhance how your clients interact and engage with your law firm.  


  • One to Three Day workshops will help you gain clarity of how to use innovation to streamline client experience (CX). 

  • Topics include customer journey mapping, using Ai streamline your client experience & marketing strategies. 

  • Speaking Engagements: Topics

    These are just a few samples of the topics Jesse speaks and facilitates around the world.

    Enhanced Legal CX

    Explore the power of CX to modernize your law business.

    Law Firm Scaling: ChatGPT

    Learn how to use ChatGPT to scale your law firm's client experience.


    The Power of Automation in the Modern Law Firm

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    Here's what my clients are saying

    Hundreds of business owners, leaders and teams from around the world has experienced Jesse's magic.

    "Jesse's out of the box thinking yielded great benefits with our customers. We all loved his facilitation sessions, they were a big hit. His unique perspective is unmatched."

    Pramod S. - CEO

    Atlanta, Georgia

    ''It is not an exaggeration to say that Jesse rescued our organization from impending implosion. He improved our Client Satisfaction exponentially."

    Susan B. - Manager

    Omaha, Nebraska

    Meet Jesse J. Frye

    Jesse J. Frye is a renowned thought leader specializing in Law Firm Conversion Optimization, Automation, and AI, dedicated to transforming the way law firms operate and engage with their clients. With his clear, honest communication and thought-provoking insights, Jesse enlightens audiences and clients on leveraging technology to streamline legal processes, enhance client interactions, and optimize conversions.

    His expertise in identifying gaps in business processes and creatively uncovering potential solutions has positioned him as a sought-after advisor in the legal sector. Jesse's tailored talks and advisory services have empowered numerous law firms across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, and Tunisia to harness the power of AI and automation, driving efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

    A United States Coast Guard Veteran, Jesse combines his diverse experience and innovative thinking to help law firms navigate the complexities of the digital age, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and achieving desired results. His approach leaves organizations not only more productive but also pioneers in adopting advanced technologies in the legal landscape.

  • Entrepreneur, Client Services & Marketing Executive

  • Startup, Fortune 50, International Experience

  • 3000+ hours of B2B Coaching Experience

  • Former College Educator Teaching Business & Marketing

  • Jesse-River-Arts

    Unbeatable Guarantee

    I give you my honest word that, if you give me a chance, you're sure to be given my absolute best work. But If you feel that I fell short in any way, just let me know. I will issue a full and immediate refund -- no hassle, no questions, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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